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For Fabrizio Bonvicini wood is a democratic matter.

Compared to metals or precious stones, it is widely available in nature and addresses the needs of many.

Fabrizio loves to search for it based on its history and construction, such as Bosso wood, characterized by a unique taste and wonderful grain.

He creates using different techniques according to the stage of work and type of objective: the chainsaw to reduce the size, chisel, the cutter for dentist (widiam) for the most minute parts, Japanese hand forged saws to obtain geometric parts, and tons of abrasive cloth ....

Influenced by everything around him, from architecture to abstract forms, its greatest inspiration comes from the nature and etching of wind and rain on the rocks, a slow and corrosive sedimentation and stratification action representing the eternity of time on the matter.

And so his jewelry is as natural strength and energy, a condensation of atmospheric agents together, encased in small sculptures symbolically living as amulets, loads of natural and spiritual forces.

Tribal and ethnic, they refer to a primordial relationship between man and divinity.

His rings specifically refer to a pagan concept of ornament, a symbol of the marriage with the deities in order to manage the chaos of existence, and of course the nature.

Thanks to his ability, Fabrizio clears the difference between nature and artifice, representing and reproducing the passage of time in a live and living material.

In his life Fabrizio has designed home decor, fashion accessories and done research.

Reached certain maturity, he has decided to realize what they really care of, build jewelry, choosing an unusual material like wood, not following the fashion but just researching for form and harmony.

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