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EXHIBITION Metaphysical Landscapes J

A/dornment – Curating contemporary Art jewelry

Presents at Parcours Bijoux 2017

Metaphysical landscapes Jewelry exhibition and site-specific sound installation

Curators Ilaria Ruggiero & Claudia Capodiferro

A/dornment – Curating Contemporary Art jewelry is pleased to present Metaphysical landscapes at Galerie Graphem on the occasion of Parcours Bijoux 2017, an unpublished and unreleased exhibition project that expands the fluid and wide boundaries of wearable art.

Florence Croisier, Daria Borovkova e Maria Ignacia Walker Guzman are the selected artists in a cross dialogue based on materials and space/body design, through the site-specific intervention of a sound designer, Enrico Ascoli.

Daria Borovkova - Being and Belonging 2016 - jewellery objects - personal alloy Photo by Federico Cavicchioli, courtesy of the artist

Metaphysical landscapes aims to multiply the suggestive aesthetics of the jewels in a cross-disciplinary installation.

The exhibition is an experience of perception, of analysis and of the senses and the goal is to offer an innovative and fruitful viewing experience, which is both useful and practical in continuing to expand the research initiated by the artists on display, making it both immediate and immersive.

Florence Croisier - Ring Virginia Creeper - Photo Jean-Michel Vergès

Enrico Ascoli, sound designer of wide experience and recognized for unconventional working methods, has for some time followed and studied the materials and research with which the three artists - Daria Borovkova, Florence Croisier and María Ignacia Walker Guzmán - realize their pieces, researching their ontological, sonorous and material characteristics and elaborating these into musical compositions.

Three different aesthetic dimensions and material consistencies emerged from which Enrico Ascoli extracted a vibrant set of sounds and harmonies: the lunar, dark, dreamy surfaces of Daria Borovkova evoke dense, deep, profound sounds that stretch and suspend, in moments of waiting and emptiness, the depths that are present in her jewels.

Daria Borovkova - Being and Belonging 2016 - jewellery objects - personal alloy Photo by Federico Cavicchioli, courtesy of the artist

The harmony associated with María Ignacia Walker Guzmán’s creations can be caressed; they are enveloping and soft, clear and smooth, in the expression of the perfect, ethereal and transcendent candor of her semi-organic sculptures.

María Ignacia Walker Guzmán - Trascenderion - Porcelain / Horse hair / Golden thread / resin / pigment - PHOTO Marcos Bucco

Pointed and sharp, instantaneous and illuminating, firm and cold; this is the sound set that accompanies the linear, subtle and minimal creations of Florence Croisier, elegant titanium compositions that design thin contours upon the body.

Florence Croisier - Weaving links - Titanium, gold and silver strips, assembled between them by Kevlar thread - Photo Jean-Michel Vergès

The ultimate, overall and unified result, therefore, is at the same time both ethereal and material, a flow of micro-sounds created entirely by samples derived from the jewels themselves.

The meeting of the two dimensions, matter and sound, becomes artistic action itself, a literal and symbolic performative amplification of the jewel, possible only thanks to a targeted artistic intervention.

The landscape offers the viewer an invitation to embark upon a metaphysical journey.

Thus, while matter gradually becomes intelligible through vibration, sound becomes something to be worn.

María Ignacia Walker Guzmán - Trascenderion - Porcelain / Horse hair / Golden thread / resin / pigment - PHOTO Marcos Bucco


Enrico Ascoli

Sound designer and music producer

Enrico Ascoli works in sound art exhibitions, multimedia installations, documentary films, animation movies, field recordings, advertising and cognitive research. He makes electroacoustic music and experimental sound installations and performances. His recent music projects are edited/composed using processed location recordings; in performance and installations he sometimes combines these with everyday life objects and food cooking processes to create pieces, which move between the abstract and the sociocultural perspective.

He teaches "Sound Design" and "Psychology of music" at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan and the experimental center of cinematography in Turin. He has active collaborations with video artists like David Samson, Rino Tagliafierro, Ra di Martino with whom he is selected at numerous international cinema and animation festivals, and with contemporary artists, with whom he participated at the Prague Biennale, Art Basel, Rijksakademie Amsterdam, Royal College of art London, Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa Venice, Museion in Bolzano. His sound installations and live performances have been presented at various international festivals as interferences festival, MyAtelier, E-ArtQuake Festival, Barsento Mediascape, Rural Scape. In 2013 he won the Milan Design Award for best sound installation.

Daria Borovkova

Born in Moscow, Daria Borovkova has an international background and working experience as a visual merchandiser and interior designer. Educated in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication and subsequently specialised in Interior Design and Decoration in London / Moscow, Daria got her MFA in Jewellery and Body Ornament in 2016 at Alchimia Contemporary School, tutored by the Belgian Designer Nedda El-Asmar.

People, traditions and cultural heritage are her major source of inspiration. Her work is dedicated to socio-cultural aspects and is expressed through direct involvement with natural materials that she carefully selects for each project. Her jewellery has been exhibited in Europe, Chile and the United States. She is currently teaching Jewellery Design and working in her studio in Florence.

Florence Croisier

Graduated at the School of Arts Decorative in Geneva in Jewelry, Florence Croisier explores ways to adorn the body in a sculptural and contemporary spirit. She works titanium wires and gives shape of each element using pliers. An Argon welding machine is used to solder each element.

Her work around the body is made using a metal mesh, creating a sensual connection. Exhibited in the Arts Décoratifs Museum of Paris, she was invited to the JOYA International Art Jewelry fair in Barcelona on 2013, and invited to the Nuit Blanche 2014 of Kyoto, organized by the French Institute.

María Ignacia Walker Guzmán

Maria Ignacia Walker is a contemporary jewelry Artist born in Chile, with a background in art directing and advertising. Currently living in Florence, after acquiring a MFA in Contemporary jewellery and body ornaments, from Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery in Florence. Her work is born out of a personal investigations on her own rituals, translated into amulets and conceptual objects, presenting the jewellery as a performative connection with the body.

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