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EVENTS BLoft Exhibition

A/dornment - Curating Contemporary Art Jewelry is proud to announce that it will participate, as a special project, at BLOFT Vicenza exhibition!

Following the mission of the organization, the collaboration between A/dornment, Bloft and Gumdesign aims at taking contemporary jewelry beyond its field to raise awareness in an ever growing public, showing research and production of those artist and designers working in this area.

The exhibition will be held concurrently with the famous Vicenza Oro Fair, from January 14th to February 5th, at Palazzo Valmarana Braga in Vicenza's historical center, a few steps from the Basilica Palladiana.

During the fourth stage of BLoft, and coinciding with VicenzaOro, A/dornment carried a selection of artists who work in the field of contemporary jewelry breaking the aesthetic, technical and research schemes through the use of contemporary goldsmithing techniques.

Zeta Tsermou Rings Emergence

BLOFT is conceived and directed by Gumdesign.

Born in April 2016 for the Fuorisalone has developed with the immediate step in Riccione (May 2016) as well as in Venice during the Biennale of Architecture (September 2016) in a new exhibition and entrepreneurship concept, bringing together design and production energies and synergies; companies, artisans, architects, designers, curators all together to determine the strength of a growing group, ready to face the new challenges of the international market.

The fourth exhibition in Vicenza will feature the set up made by ISAI School of design, under the guidance of Professor Ivano Vianello.

Currently a catalog of selected products and objects of three previous editions is online:

Here below a selection of pieces that will be presented, more information will follow soon.


A/dornment - Susanna Baldacci, Clara Del Papa, Laura Forte, Andra Lupu, Letizia Maggio, Izabella Petrut, Giulia Savino, Stenia Scarselli, Nicole Schuster, Zeta Tsermou

BLoft - 0.0 Flat Floor, De+art, Diecidecimi, Gumdesign, Ivdesign, Bruno Larini, LP Design, Evgenia Elkind, Hybrid&Icon, Millim Studio, Giovanni Minelli, Roberto Monte, Offiseria, Daniele Paoletti, Karmen Saat, Gianmaria Sforza

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