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Jewelry and gemology training allows her to become familiar and comfortable with various nobles materials, and develop a personal technique.

Over the time she devoted herself more and more to search for a personal style, unfettered by aesthetic conditioning or exclusively traditional canons.

She loves being a soloist, an unconventional powerful voice and out of common expressiveness.

Her jewels have clean and geometric lines, almost mentioning Leonardo for divine proportion and harmony.

Sometimes Laura puts a mark of irony or a decoy to Eastern aesthetic.

By balancing weights, lines, circles and spheres also develops a language of signs and archetypes, combined into a personal unconscious alphabet, pointing to deep and classic codes.

The penetration of shapes one into another allows emerging, on the smooth and elegant jewelry surface, a reminder of wounds and deep scars, which symbolically recall the life expressed on the skin of the body.

Laura Forte_ Through Collection

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