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EVENTS Ana Hagopian - Paper Jewelry Exhibition

The ECNP Gallery in Istanbul is hosting the works by Ana Hagopian in a very special exhibition, which will lasts until December 31st, everyday except on Sundays.

Ana loves to play with paper, cutting and sticking to create volumes and shapes.

Inspired by the nature and its infinite creations, its limitless colors and its surprising textures, she expresses herself through paper because of its fundamental ephemeral essence.

Paper is in fact contradictory, provocative and humble.

Graduated in Fine Arts and Interior Design at the University of Buenos Aires, she moved to Spain in 1982 and she traveled to different countries of both Asia and South America. Her collections were born by selecting esthetics experiences and living inputs of her travels.

Her techniques and process are unconscious, intuitive and spontaneous, through her hands she comes into contact with the material, which guides her towards the final form, where shapes are usually repetitive as to draw the hidden essence of the nature.

ECNP Gallery is a contemporary fine jewelry gallery showing the designs and collections of Ela Cindoruk and Nazan Pak.

Partners since 1989, Ela and Nazan's designs and creative process have reflected their philosophy of 'less is more'. The duo has participated in numerous fairs in Turkey and abroad; their works can be found in many museum shops and galleries.

Ela has received the 2012 Red Rot Design Award. Same year, the creative duo was awarded 2012 Jewelry Designer of the Year Award of Elle Style Awards. On September 2014, the designers opened their new showroom and studio that also has a gallery under its roof, a reflection of their commitment to design and aesthetic. The gallery hosts design exhibits and aims at becoming a meeting point for the design/art world.

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