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FOCUS ON Isabelle Carpentier - Mineral suggestions

Isabelle Carpentier is a contemporary jewelry designer, based in Brussels.

She is one of the artists exhibited in two collective exhibitions organized by ICKX Contemporary Jewelry, such as Et si on exposait des Belges, une fois?! and Color or Colors. She was also part of the artists of ICKX Contemporary Jewelry during Joya Fair in Barcelona.

Isabelle is an experimenter. She landed in the field of contemporary jewelry by attending a jewelry course at Arts et Métiers Bijouterie in Brussels after an early career in the art field and a path as mosaic artist. Jewelry was a revelation for her.

Now she alternates her work as a jewelry designer with teaching of plastic art and mosaic.

Isabelle’s creations contain all her artistic formation, from sculpture to mosaic. She is always looking for new techniques to experiment new materials to sculpt which allow the insertion of mosaic or to create a sort of contrast with it.

Isabelle Carpentier no 6

In the recent years she started to use raw Corian, a synthetic material, cold and dull that she sculpts like a flint creating shapeless masses.

These compact blocks of dark matter hold many small fragments of coloured glass.

The artist works on the concept of imbalance. Her research is based on the investigation of contrast among matter, shape and colour. The shapeless and heavy mass of Corian is in opposition with the small and light glass tiles.

The black matter reveals a coloured excrescence as if it wanted to let glimpse its true soul.

Isabelle inspiration comes from nature and especially from the mineral world. Her brooches and necklaces appear to be similar to stone blocks that have just been extracted from rock.

Her artworks looks like stones with rough surfaces that hide their own true colour and the whole preciousness.

For the artist this structure highlights the caos, the abyss represented as a tingling while the compact structure puts us in connection with the essence of existence and brings us back to a simpler form.

Isabelle Carpentier

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