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FOCUS ON Susanna Baldacci – Aerial views

Susanna Baldacci lives and works in Pisa.

Her research on contemporary jewelry is intended as an expression of a personal creative process that breaks the tradition by going beyond the pure adornment.

The tuscaniese artist has been working in the field of contemporary jewelry for twenty-five years. She attended Scuola Internazionale delle Arti dei Metalli in Florence where she learnt the main techniques of goldsmith and worked with masters such as Bino Bini and Hisako Murata who greatly influenced her work.

Susanna is interested in experiment with materials. Her jewels are mostly made of metal, silver and gold, to which combines new materials such as wood, resin and acrylic.

Colour plays and important role because it dominates and characterizes the shapes of her creations. She loves red for its power, blue and especially indigo which is associated to her inner world and thought, finally she uses also white.

Susanna Baldacci rarely produces collections of jewels; each piece is a personal experience. Her creations look like small sculptures that tell their own stories. Natural forms inspire the artist by aerial views of landscapes, micro-worlds that revise and enrich it with colour. She analyse the volumes of small parts of forms that belong to daily time and to architectural details.

Her volumetric research starts from classical shapes such as circle, square or solid geometric shapes in which she works by creating a balance or a break. Her jewels are empty volumes that contain emotional baggage, impressions, sensations and thoughts.

Susanna Baldacci creates surfaces full of colour; she calls to mind faraway places, unspoiled and impressionistic landscape views evoking moods. For the artist the creation of a jewel is equivalent to a travel, this is what she wants to suggest to those who will wear her artworks: travel in other mental spaces.

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