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FOCUS ON Daniella Saraya – Hiding and revealing

Daniella Saraya is a young Israeli jewelry designer. She graduated in jewelry design at Shankar College of Engineering, she also has a Master degree in Jewelry design.

She has an experimental approach to the world of contemporary jewelry, working with many different materials especially trying to understand how they function. The result is a jewels that embodies a strong emotionality combined with extreme experimentation.

Due to its peculiar characters, personal and emotional, the work of the Israeli artist could be considered in the middle between design and art.

Despite her young age, Daniella took part at several competitions. She won the Krama Award at the Autor Exhibition in Athens in 2015 and she also was one of the finalists at the International Talent Support in 2015 edition. She was one of the attending artists of the Athens Jewellery Week that has just closed and she took part also to NOD at Schmuck this year, at Joya Barcelona in 2016 and London Design Festival in 2015

The artist starts from the observation of nature, trying to understand its process as well as to crystallize it. This observation is gathered to emotional element related to memory, to the process of remembrance that leads the individual to be what it has become. Beside this, we could define the work of Daniella a kind of material examination of memory applied to jewels. She studies especially materials with which she used to work such as wood, plastic and metals and focuses on the study of their possible manipulation, how to endow one material with the characteristics of another and how to control the unexpected and predict possible reactions.

She uses the technique of hiding and revealing. Layers of different materials look like layers of time and emotions who are part of the human soul. Through various way of revealing, by subtraction or drilling, the surface layers that are mostly composed of plastic, reveal the inner layers made by metals and raw stones hidden in the material.

The result of this technique of hiding and revealing is the creation of new material that is the product of tears. Her work is the metaphor of human soul that reveals what each of us become through their own experience, the stratification of time and emotional moments.

The artist thinks: “A person goes through contradictory processes wherein they accumulate layers and peel them off. A varying exposure of the surface creates patterns of behaviour and habits; injury or removal create a space and reveal the earlier layers”.

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