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CURATOR’S PICK – Myriam Bottazzi Aspecifico creations

Myriam Bottazzi is a very well known designer, especially appreciated by the fashion field as by important fashion houses such as Valentino, Gattinoni, Maurizio Galante, Les Copains, La Perla, Martine Sitbon.

She designs and produces accessories for the body with her brand MyriamB. Her creations are shown in the Atelier Aspecifico MyriamB at Pastificio Cerere in Rome.

Myriam Bottazzi changes and elaborates shapes and materials trying to keep a particular expressiveness and craftsmanship. Her trademarks are both refines style and research for quality materials that leads her to realize unique objects, unbound by time and fashion.

Geometric shapes of necklaces and earrings of Aspecifiche Paillettes collection are inspired by organic shapes of nature such as ice, corals, peach trees in bloom and desert roses.

The volume is in the lightness of geometries composed of imperfect circles and squares, ragged, worn and repeated, so as to build in the imagination different forms of nature.

The main material is made from the same element, cellulose acetate, with which the commercial small colored scales (sequins) are serially made.

But it is something very different, transformed, carved, exaggerated in shape and volume, no leaf is alike, the colors are smoky and opaque, sometimes brilliant.

While her works are still available at ABOUT VOLUMES exhibition in Venice (until August 27th), she has been selected as participant artist in the prestigious fair Joya in Barcelona!

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