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FOCUS ON A Greek glimpse

El. Marneri Galerie is located at the foot of the Acropolis, radiating ancient sunshine every day.

History, tradition and culture permeate this gallery, though has gone towards research and innovation.

Eleni Marneri, among the pioneers of contemporary jewelry in Greece, says: 'For me, jewelry is a symbol, a talisman, tradition, a piece of culture and civilization.'

For her, the aim of the gallery is to highlight, to protect and to communicate the artist's work.

She strongly believes in the relationship between the gallery and creators that must be substantial and fruitful as well as the collaboration between the two requires consistency and professionalism.

Minimal natural forms and love for art are the two of the key features that welcome you from the first minute you enter the space. A philosophy that combines harmoniously the city's distant past with the present.

The choices and selection, the proposal and the characterization of the gallery are aimed towards a mix of Greek and international art.

The Greek and local component remains predominant, even in the evolution of certain signs and forms that appear to be borrowed and renewed from the past.

There are the most important artist of contemporary jewelry, such as: Vassilis Vassiliou, Anastasia Kandaraki, Rallou Katsari, Sofia Zarari, Maria Tsimpiskaki, Zeta Tsermou, Vassia Pachi

Eleni Marneri galerie has been active for over two decades. From 1990 till 2016, Eleni Marneri & her team has been collaborated with overa thousand artists and designers from Greece and abroad.

It was in fact the first space of its kind in Greece, that is, the first gallery to be entirely concerned with showcasing and promoting contemporaryand art jewelry.

A trendsetter whose role in both shaping and providing support for what is currently the Greek contemporary jewelry scene, has been crucial.

A place to discover, innovative and courageous for its strong link with the past, which especially emerges in contemporary goldsmith, where we read the will to review the most ancient standards of beauty.

Rallou Katsari

"Contemporary Art jewelry itself, whether applied art form, micro sculpture, or craft, is above all a form of wearable art that adorns the body and is an eloquent means of self-expression not only for the artist but also for the wearer. As such it is an art form that is woven tightly into the fabric of everyday life."

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