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FOCUS ON Martacarmela Sotelo - Urban and industrial elegance

Martacarmela Sotelo’s work has been showcased in different museums and Galleries in Mexico, USA, Europe and Argentina.

She has been exhibited at the Design Week NY, London and México and LOOT in the MAD in NY and she won the design award “Quórum”. On the occasion of ABOUT VOLUMES exhibition she presents different pieces belonging to different collections.

Rings from the Diableros collection are inspired by the observation of trolleys in down town Mexico city (from the word Diablito-hand trolley).

The folds, extensions, laces, strings and new structures became in the end these new hybrids.

The spaces created and adapted for the packages are different in every ride, so these new Diablero inspired pieces are the result of these observations.

Title: Scafolding gold Necklace 1  Materials: Gold plated silver nickel and fused iron, transparent lacquer  used and constructed iron and constructed silver nickel gold plated.  Measurements: 52 x 9 x 3.5  Technique: fused and constructed iron and constructed silver nickel gold plated Date of work: 2016

Scaffolding and Print In & Out collections are made by constructing and merging different precious and non-preciouses metals, using different techniques and inspirations.

She uses to describe her process in this way: ‘The system some times might come from prints I made of inner joints of furniture. These prints become sort of a map a plan to construct. I construct from it creating new forms and new ways to interconnect, with different materials. The result is a new object. The structures represent a way to create order, peace out from chaos. …

My structures, my constructions are a way to create my own personal world.

The final result is always a play between spaces and geometry in a mix of urban, rough and industrial supreme elegance.

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