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FOCUS ON Irony an

Jewelry is always something serious, even if interpreted through the lens of play and irony.

Anne-Sophie Vallée

Within the exhibition About Volumes, in Venice until August 27th, two artists are particularly engaged in creative exploration of the ironic relationship with jewel.

The first one is María Eugenia Muñoz Curbelo who has created a jewelry collection entitled Delirium Tremensdoscopicos - inspired by the Delirium Tremens – and that consist in a Kaleidoscope Series with colorful crystals inside, a playful and ironic version of pendants-colored kaleidoscopes that multiply the volume of reality through a dreamy look.

Fore her, there is no finished jewelry without being worn. The role of the human is fundamental in the explication of the meaning itself.

The collection was uniquely developed for the group exhibition "Delirio y Cordura", presented at the Centro Culturale Scuola Italiana in Santiago de Chile over the summer of 2013.

It was also presented in San Francisco at Velvet da Vinci gallery.

The second one is Anne-Sophie Vallée whose pieces of jewelry and body related objects present a platform for interaction. She works around the notion of play as an invitation to reinterpret our relationship with others and the environment.

She plays through small powder coated steel pieces putting them in connection with the use of magnets, creating small informal creations.

She describes her creative process as follow: ‘With endless possibilities of bodily response, the work acts as a means to escape the ordinariness of everyday life and question the concept of normality. Because the idea of play enables communication of experience in a sensitive way, it carries the potential to link and harmonize the personal and the social body at the non-rational level. I make jewelry that aims to increase the participative role of the wearer in the work’s possible form, function and meaning.’

It is important to put in relation the jewel with the person wearing or observing it in order to create a cognitive relationship and then a consequent identification.

Vitality, spontaneity and naturalness with which these artist are playing, are immediate.

The use of materials that convey contents and meanings, together with the multiplicity of uses and forms, are a stimulus to intelligence, and not only an aesthetic exercise.

María Eugenia Muñoz Curbelo was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and studied Industrial Design. In 2008 she moved to Santiago del Chile where she currently lives and works.

Anne-Sophie Vallée is a Canadian jewelry artist. She attended École de Joaillerie in Montreal and graduated in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing at NSCAD University, Halifax.

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