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REVIEW Contrepoints

On September 10th CONTREPOINTS exhibition will officially open in Brussels, at ICKX Contemporary Jewelry.

The exhibition aims at presenting creative outcomes arising from Belgian and Turkish Jewelry artists, in a varied and manifold scenario in the name of freedom of expression.

Alain Roggeman - Photographe Baldomero Coëlho.

Creator: Alain Roggeman - Photographer: Baldomero Coëlho

Audrey ICKX captures the Belgic-Turkish Nevin Arig artist's call to create a bridge between two different civilizations, an expressive symbolic association, creative and aesthetic, vindicating the right of expression at a time politically and culturally sensitive.

Creativity and art are finalized in this case to a common purpose: solidarity.

Born in Turkey, Nevin translates in her pieces her heritage through the expression of duality of two cultures. Her creations are double and enriched by always news outcomes of her searching for new technics, forms, and materials never fades.

She is inspired by the contrasts of a vast country; torn between Europe and Asia, a mixture of Byzantium and Ottoman architecture, fragrances of spices, screams of children and the murmurs of a metropolis.

The exhibition plays on this duality and polarity, declined in a more or less tangible results according to the artist, and his/her personal research.

Counterpoint is a musical composition technique that overlays different melodic lines between them; in fact the idea of the exhibition is a collection and plurality of voices, different and independent stylistic motifs, to compose a single and harmonious whole.

Exhibited artists will be Senay Akin (Turkey), Nevin Arig (Belgium-Turkey), Isabelle Bianchi Marchesseau (Belgium), Burcu Buyukunal (Turkey), Ela Cindoruk (Turkey), Ann Cox (Belgium), Sophie Heymans (Belgium), Audrey Ickx (Belgium), Christine Keyeux-Schnöller (Belgium), Nazan Pak (Turkey), Alain Roggeman (Belgium), Burcu Sulek (Turkey), Aisegul Telli (Turkey), Ubustine (Belgium), Snem Yildirim (Turkey). Objets - objects: Elisabeth Baeza (Belgium), Eloïse Maes (Belgium), Audrey Werthle (Belgium).


7/09-2/12/2017 – opening Sunday Sept 10th at 3 pm


ICKX Contemporary Jewelry

Avenue Georges Henri 435

1200 Bruxelles

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