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REVIEW - Pearls from Parcours Bijoux

On the occasion of the organization of Metaphysical Landscapes exhibition in Paris, I visited Parcours Bijoux and with pleasure I discovered a great team of creators and passionate people, who were able to put together a valid initiative, serious and well organized.

Exhibitions of the highest level, notable names, lovely and original locations. Many activities, including seminars, conferences, an auction, as well as performances.

Pieces by Marion Delarue, Barbara Paganin and Heejoo Kim

As often happens in these situations it was not possible to visit everything, but between those completed visits I can point out few of them: XXL exhibition at Vivienne Art Galerie, for example, is beautiful and notable for the out of scale pieces and elegance of the gallery. Five artists, Claire WOLFSTIRN, Florence LEMOINE, Françoise WINTZ, Michèle FOREST, Suzanne OTWELL-NÈGRE are questioning the change of scale of their creations. Intense and artistic works, their pieces are sculptures.

ZOOANTHROPIA expresses the melancholic and surrealistic desire to metamorphose into any animal, most often translates the appropriation of beastly physical characteristics then absorbed by man.

Pieces by Lore Langendries

Interesting and romantic Corpus 8 – Digressions, held at Maison de Victor Hugo. By their different speculative and symbolic approaches, the artists of Corpus materialize, through this new set of works, their slanted views on contemporary jewelry. Founded in Strasbourg in 1992, Corpus gathers jewelry artists mostly from France around the specificity of contemporary jewelry. Corpus has worked so far on possible links between jewellery and philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, linguists, psychoanalysts organizing meetings and exhibitions on subjects like: Jewellery and the Sacred, Learning & Understanding, Experimenting and Experiencing Jewellery, The Unnameable, Time.

Very intense the reflection about places and borders proposed by five jewelers and artists of different origins, with a common history in France: the anchor, learning the language, creating projects, the family, the jewel. Ana Carolina ESCOBAR, Andrea PIÑEROS, Andrea VIAGGIONE, Miyuki KOSHIMIZU, Stella BIERRENBACH, invited by the Gallery Sophie, in the exhibition Allieur they explore topics that meet them as migration, identity, distances, borders, the roots, the search for oneself "elsewhere".

Appreciation comes also from the exhibition 4+1: Au-delà de la zone de confort of Edith BELLOD, Nuria SOLEY, Violaine ULMER, Virginie BOIS at the Chocolaterie Patrick Roger, for the quality of pieces, the location, the well curated and detailed set up.

4 + 1 is a collective consisting of four Jewelers ceramists who live in four different cities in Europe. For this exhibition, they gathered around a rule of the game and a material: porcelain.

Each participant has a specific mold, which, after having been used, will travel from workshop to workshop. Four points of departure, different set available to develop a unique jewelry collection.

Also remarkable at Galerie Bettina PÉRÉGRINATIONS AUTOUR DU BIJOU CONTEMPORAIN where three French contemporary jewellery artists, Marion Delarue, Annie Sibert and Céline Sylvestre, each invite an artist from the country where they attended an artist’s residency: Li Liang from China, Heejoo Kim from South Korea and Jun Konishi from Japan.

An invitation to wander, stray and make unexpected encounters, this exhibition focuses on thought processes and the transmission of knowledge. A new window onto the world.

Finally, Triptyque: la Vie, l’Amour, la Mort, is a journey into an ecstatic experience, to be discovered very slowly. It presents six international artists sharing a narrative and figurative approach to the jewel. It presents a reflection on the original function of the jewel as a marker of time and symbol of rite of passage and questions its specificity of medium and vehicle of intimate mythologies.

As a major international event, Parcours Bijoux 2017 presents sixty projects, exhibitions and talks bringing together artists and researchers from numerous countries. Galleries, museums, institutions and public spaces will display a multifaceted creativity that places jewelry simultaneously in a social, anthropological and aesthetic context.

From September 25 until November 30

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