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FOCUS ON - A miniature out of scale ‘Triptych: Life, Love, Death’

Probably one of the best exhibition programmed inside of Parcours Bijoux, the exhibition Triptych: Life, Love, Death, organized and curated by gallery LA Joaillerie par Mazlo and the association Arketip, gathers the works of six international artists sharing a narrative and figurative approach to the jewel.

The exhibition develops a delicate path, a succession of stages, existential and intimate, which step the life, and symbolically its rhythm.

Every detail is well curated and enhanced, from the very special exhibitors with lenses, to the texts and space management. The gallery especially created their own display modules, inspired by childhood memories of Robert Mazlo, like Wonder Boxes, magic lanterns used in the past to entertain people.

Zoe Arnold Birth Life Death

Set of 3 pendants/ Card, antique prints, cotton, 18ct yellow gold, oxidized sterling silver, zinc, antique gambling chips, antique glass photograph, Madagascan corundum. © photo: Courtesy of the artist

In fact throughout the exhibit, it is just the detail that makes the difference. Each piece and creation in fact contains within itself a sufficient quantity of parts, elements, meanings and symbols, to be an explosion of contents.

Mythological, archetypal, psychological and historical references overlap in countless levels of interpretation that each piece possesses. Visions, entire narratives, stories and parables, almost give a rapturous sense of lightheadedness, for intensity.

The triptych is here therefore understood as cultural, symbolic and ontological structure of being. The miniature in such cases has the power and density of an incredible sculpture out of scale.

Asagi Maeda - My life with beds Bracelet Sterling silver 925, K18 gold, acrylic glass, pink tourmarine, opal, semi-prescious stones beads. © photo: Koichiro Siiki

More concretely, some jewels offer a reflection on the original function as a marker of time and symbol of rite of passage. Worn next to the skin, a jewel is a passage in itself between the hidden, intimate, inner self and the exterior, public side of the individual. The jewelry artworks created for this exhibition offer us a contemporary vision of immutable existential questions.

Echoing the jewelry exhibition, the gallery will also welcome a selection of works (from the Ensemble Seul series) by photographer Éric Antoine (with the courtesy of Laurence Esnol gallery), as well as an installation/artwork, resulting from the collaboration of Franco-Chillian artist/photographer Hector Olguin, and French designer/scenographer Cynthia Ayral.

Éric Antoine La Condition © photo: Courtesy of the artist

Artists list

Éric Antoine Zoe Arnold Cynthia Ayral & Hector Olguin Robin Kranitzky & Kim Overstreet - Lisa & Scott Cylinder Asagi Maeda Robert Mazlo Barbara Paganin


Triptyque: la Vie, l’Amour, la Mort

Tritych: Life, Love, Death

October 14 - November 15, 2017

Opening information: October 14th, 2017 (3-7 pm)

This exhibition is an event of Parcours Bijoux 2017

Céline Robin (curator)

Galerie LA Joaillerie par Mazlo

31 rue Guénégaud

75006 Paris - France

Phone: +33 (0)1 53 10 86 04



Facebook: @lajoaillerieparmazlo

Instagram: la_joaillerie

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