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REVIEW Chiara Scarpitti - Between history and Innovation

The Gallery at Reinstein/Ross hosts the exhibition Poetic Adornments: Jewelry and Scarves by Italian artist Chiara Scarpitti until January 15th, featuring collections from the past seven years, including the artist’s most recent, Anthropocene. Each handmade piece is a result of extensive research into themes pertaining to anthropology, nature, and poetry.

In Chiara’s pieces emerges, perfectly in harmony, a collection of suggestions from different narrations and imaginaries. Nature, in its more poetic and old representation, meets the most advanced digital printing techniques, characterized by very strong poetic and innovative styles.

Her language is the result of philosophical, biological and naturalistic research creating together a personal code and original signs.

Chiara Scarpitti, ANTHROPOCENE. Small Lost Landscapes, Necklace, 2017 Plexi, Steel, Silk

She is inspired by an ancient world, but expresses herself by using both contemporary and innovative techniques, illustration, digital printing and graphics, and, thanks to a humanistic approach to the creation, her personal reinterpretation of jewelry enhances the value of motion and geometry, symbolism of the forms, describing an alchemical world related to the power of symbol, number and perfect shape.

In her last collection Anthropocene Chiara takes inspiration from the book “Welcome to the Anthropocene” where the Nobel Prize winning chemist Paul Crutzen refers to the Anthropocene, or a new post-holocene geological time interval – a period characterized by the pervasive impact of human activities on the earth. This word comes from the Greek "anthropos", which means man, and "olocene" used for the geological current era, in order to indicate a new period where mankind transforms, in an irreversible way, the physical, chemical and biological natural landscape.

Scarpitti’s jewelry collection of the same name, prompts us to reflect on this critical situation through the creation of jewelry, or little devices, for our body. By mixing handcrafted and digital techniques, as well as different materials, each piece offers us a different perspective on this human condition, from an aesthetic and philosophical point of view. Represented in this body of work are images of lost landscapes and extinct flowers.


Chiara Scarpitti is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in contemporary jewelry. She is currently a Research and Ph.D Fellow in Design at University of Campania focusing on Post Digital Manufacturing. Her research investigates different aspects of the contemporary material culture, exploring technology through a humanistic approach. Scarpitti received her Master’s Degree in Fashion Design at Politecnico of Milan, Milan and apprenticeship at GianCarlo Montebello Body Ornaments in Milan. She won the “Preziosa Young Award” (Florence) in 2013 and was a Finalist for the “Enjoia’t Award” (JOYA, Barcelona), in 2011. Her work has been exhibited widely in museum exhibitions and art fairs through out Europe.

The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross

The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross was founded as a unique, New York City venue, to exhibit progressive work in studio art jewelry, as well as fine arts related to jewelry, precious stones and precious metals. Our mission is to bring international exposure to emerging and established artists, through promotion, education, and exhibition. The R|R Gallery presents regular group or solo exhibitions, and is interested in collaboration with other galleries, museums, and educational institutions.
The R|R Gallery is housed in a storefront space at the intersection of New York City's fashionable Meatpacking District and the West Village. The space is connected to, but separate from, the Gansevoort Street store and workshop of Reinstein|Ross, Goldsmiths. Founded in 1985, Reinstein|Ross is committed to high-karat gold, distinctive gemstones, and classical goldsmithing techniques. Reminiscent of ancient jewelry, but distinctly contemporary, Reinstein|Ross jewelry is hand-fabricated to impeccable standards in their New York City workshops.

Please direct all inquiries to Bella Neyman, Gallery Director,

Gallery Hours: Monday- Saturday, 11-6:30 and Sunday, 12-6.

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