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EXHIBITION Origins in Venice

The redevelopment of the Rialto area in Venice continues thanks to the combined action of Adornment – Curating Contemporary Art Jewelry and Valorizzazioni Culturali, through a lively exhibition programming housed in the OresiLAb Gallery.

The space reconfirms its commitment towards design and the art of jewel, in a process of rediscovery of the Goldsmith tradition – historically connoting this city area - aimed at submitting the latest and unpublished trends and promoting both emerging artists and designers.

Agnese Taverna_Idoli

Origins is a kind of back-to-basics, to simple and essential shapes.

The exhibition showcases three artists and jewelry designers, characterized by both different backgrounds and materials: Agnese Taverna expresses a marked aesthetic primitivism, effectively emerging through the choice of materials – wood and natural stones – as well as the process, sometimes naturally underlining scars and rough breaks, so that the matter can maintain and develop the vitality that has accumulated over time on the beach, at sea, in the body of the creased bark of trees.

Two symbols and forms particularly return in her collection: the idols and hands, like amulets emanating powerful emotional charge, that seems to come from the distant and prehistoric past, but smartly designed and skillfully combined with other elements such as brass powder and Gold leaves. The production is inspired by a Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban, in which fire is used to protect wood from the passing of time. Here is the meaning of protection of the idol toward the wearer.

Giulia Vecchiato, thanks to the purity of signs and lines, alludes to a dreamlike imagery, almost childlike and naive, fabulous.

She is inspired by the Goldsmith tradition with the intent to purify the material, rather than build it. A long process of cleaning, polishing, chiseling characterizes her work, aiming to bring out the essence of a sign, like a drawing.

Sometimes she joins semi-precious stones to her pieces, always enlivens the miniature-like curvature.

Her designs also allude to primordial and delicate shapes, coming often from her childhood memories of the city where she lives and is deeply connected with, Venice, its wild lagoon and jagged roofs profiles.

Essential geometry and prismatic original forms of nature characterize creations by Monica Cavaletto, who starts her career with Venini in Murano.

Her production, mainly made of rings and necklaces, has a definite and rhythmic design.

The glass necklaces made by Monica are called DNA for the simulation of the molecule, consisting of two coupled chains and wrapped around the same axis, complementary and antiparallel, so as to form a double helix. These are actually built with those little tubes of glass that were used to create fringes for lampshades.

Although they have very different artistic personalities, en element is associating them: Venice and its contours, history, images and nature.

Artists: Monica Cavaletto, Agnese Taverna, Giulia Vecchiato


Contemporary Art Jewelry Exhibition

January 19th - February 17th

Sottoportico degli Oresi, San Polo 71A


Opening Hours

Tue - Thu 10.30 - 19.30

Fri 12.00 - 19.30

Sat 15.30 - 19.30

Sun 10.30 - 19.30

Closed on Monday

Agnese Taverna

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Monica Cavaletto


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