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EXHIBITION No Matter Matters

Adornment – Curating Contemporary Art Jewelry is pleased to present the latest exhibition project No Matter Matters on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2018.

Realized with the support of AtemporaryStudio at the Gold Black Style atelier, located in 5VIE district just a few steps from Sant' Ambrogio and the Duomo, No Matter Matters will present the works of 14 artists and designers of contemporary jewelry, whose work is characterized by the use of original and unusual materials.

Between research and experimentation, innovative techniques and unpublished aesthetic languages, an exhibition presenting the works of some of the most interesting craftspeople at the cutting edge of international design will be held: MYRIAM BOTTAZZI, CEDRIC CHEVALLEY, LODOVICA FUSCO, ANNE GOY, JILL HERLANDS, ELINA HONKANEN, MONICA IACOVENCO, BERU INOU, AMIRA JALET, HYUN JIYOON, ORSOLYA LOSONCZY, LETIZIA MAGGIO, DANIELLA SARAYA, ASAMI WATANABE.

From concrete to resin, from synthetic materials to natural ones, from slate to cork, the range of materials used for the creation of the exhibited pieces is endless. A vast open world of experimentation applied to jewelry that allows it to be identified as a support for much more articulated and complex technical, aesthetic and artistic research. Every artist is characterized by their own universe of signs, identity and history.

The chosen material of experimentation for MYRIAM BOTTAZZI, ductile substance in the hands of the artist, is sequins. Coming from the 1970s, reinvented with a contemporary look and deprived of their inherently expressive serial characteristics, sequins are the means to achieve a deeper level of beauty with refined imperfections.

The playful and provocative side of CEDRIC CHEVALLEY’s nature is expressed in the aesthetics of his jewels as well as in his creative choices: the act of reusing and the idea of giving new life to materials such as skateboards. His language is at times irreverent, pop, yet active, as if the way of conceiving life lightly was a message in itself.

LODOVICA FUSCO ‘s jewels are characterized by both rough and soft appearance, they express, especially in the porosity of the material, the elements of the wilderness that characterizes her own history and intimacy. Lodovica is inspired by stones and natural elements that she uses to recreate through the use of moulds and natural resins. She works to combine them into a new and personal design.

ANNE GOY has a mixed education; she has also devoted herself to niche publishing and the creation of artistic books. She possesses an innate gift to invent original and unreleased binding methods, a characteristic also traceable in some of her jewels, where the twist is rhythmic and harmonic. Geometry, in the form of shapes and textures, is at the core of her jewelry made with synthetic materials, slate, cork and leather bound to metals.

JILL HERLANDS non-conformism is expressed concretely in her way of working metals, upstream. She prefers handling and processing raw material, is inspired by the architecture of New York and loves to experiment with cement and concrete. By the union of such precious and non-precious materials naturally treated, a powerful industrial aesthetic of captivating beauty emerges.

The collection made by ELINA HONKANEN is almost entirely realized with ready-made objects. Provocative in action and only apparently random, the result of experimentation on material colors and shapes, aims to stimulate a wider reflection on the object identity, the jewel and the artwork.

A futuristic aesthetics and the use of mixed materials, such as resins and woods, is aimed at the juxtaposition of shapes and colours, featuring all pieces by MONICA IACOVENCO. The GeoMatrix collection expresses the original elements carefully constructed for definition and final formal perfection.

Fascinated by materials such as glass and porcelain, BERU INOU tackles creation with a kind of ingenuity and simplicity. She loves to play with the effects of the processing of two materials, for contrast or harmonization: gloss and transparency of glass with the opacity and the warmth of porcelain, thus discovering unexpected and sometimes disruptive effects.

Ephemeral collection by AMIRA JALET was born from the desire to achieve an impossible task, to create a jewel from ice, through the use of water. It comes from an artistic action whose sense lies in the impermanence itself. The jewel finally created plays the appearance through the resin and injections of oxygen

HYUN JIYOON is a young artist and designer from South Korea. Overflowing geometry and optical illusion feature her style. A kind of magical realism in which the representation of the geometry overlaps with non-precious materials. The use of salt in her works takes on a deep symbolic meaning and aesthetic.

ORSOLYA LOSONCZY’s favorite material is muscovite. The perfect splitting of this mineral helps to obtain very thin sheets, transparent and flexible, with a vitreous Pearly luster. The name originates from the city of Moscow, where it was used in large quantities instead of glass. Always fascinated by the aesthetic of minerals, Orsolya combines them with the use of silver, resins and painting.

In the evolution of the iconic 5 noble truths collection, LETIZIA MAGGIO introduces several new elements in her pieces designed to further experiment and explore the artistic expressiveness of new territories. Vinyl and ecoglass play and interact with silver and brass, encouraging thoughts towards new and subjective territories of taste.

The use of epoxy gives DANIELLA SARAYA’s creations the appearance and poetics that make them unique and internationally recognizable. Devoted to exploring the limits of technical experimentation, she goes further and further, achieving audacious outcomes and globally contributing to the advancement of research for the whole sector.

ASAMI WATANABE transforms an element into an icon, simply by the use of straw. She has transformed the flower, in its own simplicity and directness, into an iconic and representative object. She works the material through mixing traditional and experimental techniques, without giving up the desire to instill that sense of vitality that characterizes her work.



No Matter Matters

Milan Design Week 2018

Gold Black Style

Via San Maurilio 4

April 16th – 22nd

Mon – Tue from 12 pm to 6 pm

Wed – Sun from 12 pm to 7 pm

Opening cocktail Wednesday April 18th from 6 pm

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