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REVIEW - The Marzee International Graduate Show 2018

The Marzee International Graduate Show 2018

Marzee is still in the process of selecting work for this year's 32nd edition of the Graduation Show and have already selected jewelry and objects by more than 75 graduates from 36 different art schools and academies from Europe, US, Asia and Australia.

Galerie Marzee is unique in its support for emerging young talent and since 1986 the Marzee International Graduation Show has offered the best new graduates their first opportunity to exhibit in a world-renowned gallery. During the opening we will also award the Marzee Graduate Prize to this year’s most promising students.

The annual Marzee International Graduation Show, is the highlight of our exhibition calendar, and has grown from a modest affair to an event unparalleled in size and scope

The 32nd Marzee International Graduation Show is on display until 31 October 2018 – DO NOT MISS THE OPENING ON Sunday 19 August at 4 pm.

Hirut Hizkiyahu Chikol Earrings Jewelry Design Dept. Shenkar, Ramat-Gan, Israel Home for me is the place where cultures collide; from Ethiopia where my parents were born, to Israel where I was born. My parents, intuitively and naturally, adorned our home with objects native to their homeland.

They used these objects according to the needs of the moment, deviating from their original function. The dispersal of these cultural objects from here and there were absorbed in my consciousness exposing me to aesthetic values with a personal, internal interest that cannot be attributed to neither here nor there.


Galerie Marzee was founded in 1978 as a gallery for contemporary jewelry, and has since become one of the principal promoters of contemporary jewelry and silverware. Since 1995 the gallery is housed in a former granary on Nijmegen’s waterfront, midway between the two bridges that cross the river here. With 850 square meters of exhibition space, Galerie Marzee is one of the largest galleries in the Netherlands, and the largest gallery for modern art jewelry in the world.

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