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FOCUS ON - Adagio.Uno - A special edition

Adornment – Curating Contemporary Art Jewelry is pleased to present a special edition of Adagio.Uno, a touring exhibition and a sensitive project that deals with light and movement through the diverse artistic forms of photography and jewellery.

The project was born thanks to Letizia Maggio, Italian jewellery artist, and Alice Brazzit, Italian photographer and video artist based in Barcelona. Multifaceted and sophisticated Megumi Isono gives a special taste to this refined artistic project starring as a model for the very first time.

Memories and their significance are meant to be the most relevant element to focus on.

On the occasion of Munich Jewellery Week the project is enriched by the contribution of Raquel Bessudo, a Mexican jewellery artist whose work somehow merges in both the sensorial experience and the artistic proposal of Adagio.Uno. Raquel’s work seems indeed to well respond to the project’s ambition to be an open investigation into the themes of time and memories, traces and signs.

As photography teaches us, an image is the pure settling of rhythm, the sense of time made into image.

A minimalist and conceptual style is reflected in the dual aesthetic soul of the photographs and the jewels: they are both evanescent yet present, stylized and essential.

Letizia Maggio's technical and artistic research evolves into a sophisticated and complex narration, which mixes materials such as silk, silver and textiles into innovative and abstract compositions. A strong inspiration, which derives from the light and austere aesthetics of the East, transmits a sense of calm, peace and composure that permeates the atmosphere all around.

The overlapping of small geometric layers of fabric, elegantly and expertly mixed, creates imaginative patterns that change flavour and sense according to the distance they're observed from.

A bit like the photographs and the video themselves, playing with the details and the illusion of the moving image, at different speeds, but possibly in an Adagio.

Raquel Bessudo works to design and compose creations through the use of different materials and elements, such as printed images, pieces of fabric, metal, iron, all organized into compositions with a flavour both naive and delicate. They are pieces of memory that are sewn and linked together, to enact these memories and bring them back to life. Raquel interprets the memories not as objective elements, but as events that occur, resulting from the dynamic relationship between body and past.

Overall, thanks to the uniqueness of the incredible photographer, Alice Brazzit, the project aims to communicate a suspended grace, beyond time itself, perfectly embodied by the elegant allure of Megumi Isono, which breaks down any commonplace logic of beauty and expresses the absolute singularity of the intensity of life.

Letizia Maggio, NTN Necklace from the Adagio.Uno collection, Model Megumi Isono, Photo Alice Brazzit

Raquel Bessudo, Tracing VII,Paths II, Tracing II, Photo Bertha Herrera

Letizia Maggio, Forget me (K)not Necklace from the Adagio.Uno collection, Photo Alice Brazzit

Adagio.Uno A special edition

Jewelry by Letizia Maggio and Raquel Bessudo.

Photography by Alice Brazzit

Munich Jewellery Week Polyphonous 2019 Adornment – Curating Contemporary Art Jewelry

werkschau. galerie für objekte + bilder

Schwanthalerstr. 141, 80339 München

March 14th - 17th 2019 Thu – Sat from 10 am to 5 pm

Sun from 10 am to 4 pm

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