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These unexpected times generated various interesting initiatives. One of them is ANTIVIRUS exhibition, organized by Tincal Lab, and virtually inaugurated on June 1st with concrete fundraising purposes to fight against Coronavirus.

Solidarity is certainly one of the most current issues, in all sectors, and the sharing of objectives and practices between different actors operating in the same sphere should always be stimulated and favored.

After two months of closure, the Portuguese space founded by Ana Pina came to life digitally with a project that involved 86 artists of 30 different nationalities.

The exhibition, also the result of a particularly fruitful call, presents more than 200 pieces inspired by the human experience that has been encountered by each artist and designer over the past few months, and linked to their expectations, nightmares and hopes.

An invitation to tell, each one with their own language, what the pandemic meant and to create their own ANTIVIRUS, a symbolic vaccine, a defense weapon, an amulet, a protective armor.

Alison Boyce, Corona Comforters necklaces, Materials mother of pearl beads, vintage wooden pill box, pussy willow

Pieces made by Alison Boyce are designed for example to offer the wearer comfort during this time of anxiety. Since touch is soothing but we are being discouraged from getting too close each other, she invites to stroke the soft pussy willow to feel calmer…

Ana Calbucci invokes the protection and mercy of OMULU- OBALUAYÊ, an African “Orixá”, God of the contagious diseases, who rules the cure and the balance between Mankind and the Earth. Lord of Life and Death, here it is represented by black ribbons with white letters, one of the most well known Brazilian souvenirs, the ribbons of “Senhor do Bonfim”, a powerful symbol of religious syncretism.

Jo Harrison uses the bar of soap as an amulet for our times - a source of protection and belief, as we place our faith in hygiene theories to keep us safe from the invisible contaminants we trust are there.

Telma Oli united small pieces like bones, attached to each other like the material that supports our body. She uses the idea of the chain as the only possible antivirus, as we are tied to our choices, responsibilities and actions, but also as a symbolic representation of the concatenation of events and the spread of the virus itself, which spreads by proximity, just like in a chain.

These and many other incredible pieces are waiting for you at the Tincal lab shop, hurry up!

20% of sales until June 30th will be donated to the initiative #euajudoquemajuda by Portuguese Red Cross.

From left to right: Telma Oli Portugal, Chained necklace + painting, Materials necklace: plastic hooks, spray | painting: golden spray on corrugated cardboard; Ana Calbucci Brazil, OMULU, OBALUAYÊ bracelet, Materials sterling silver (oxidized), polyester ribbons; Jo Harrison-Hall England, Soap necklace, Materials hand carved soapstone, silver, cotton rope.​

Participants Aino-Astrid Gaedtke (DE) | Alberto Ghirardello (IT) | Aleena Derohanian (CA) | Alex Modeste + L’Eau des Vivants (FR) | Alfieri Jewel Design (IT) | Alison Boyce (UK) | Amalgama Jewels (IT) | Ana Azevedo (PT) | Ana Calbucci (BR) | Ana Ibanez (MX) | Ana Lucia Fernandes (BR) | Ana Pina (PT) | Anna Paparella (IT) | Anna Vlahos (AU) | Anne Luz Castellanos (AR) | Atelier Armoure (FR) | Atelier Marlaucreation (FR) | Aurea Praga (PT) | Barbara Garcia (ES) | Barbara Laso (ES) | Bruna Fois (BR) | Camilla Mileto (IT) | Catarina Nordeste (PT) | Claudia Afonso (PT) | Cleopatra Cosulet (RO) | Cristina Barros (PT) | Cristina Celis (MX) | Daniela Massa (IT) | David Miralles (ES) | Dina Abargil (IL) | Duo Wonder (BE) | Ekaterina Korzh (RU) | Eliane Roemer (BR) | Elisa Stefanini (IT) | Elvira Cibotti (AR) | Emilie Le Dez (FR) | Emily Pettigrew (US) | Ezgi Okur (TR) | Fariba Oni (IR) | Francine Schloeth (CH) | Geraldine Goloncser (AT) | Gorken Kizilcaglayan (TR) | Hua-Xiaowei (CN) | Inês Paixão (PT) | Jo Harrison-Hall (UK) | Juan Miguel Pugnaire (ES) | Juanjo Garcia (ES) | Karolina Majewska-Rydel (PL) | Keraban Joaillerie (FR) | Kiseno (CO) | Laura Micheli (IT) | Laurel Nathanson (US) | Lia Gonçalves (PT) | Liisa Hashimoto (JP) | Lorena Lazard (MX) | Louve Montreal (CA) | Lunante (IT) | Maddalena Bearzi (IT) | Marcin Boguslaw (PL) | María Eugenia Ramos (AR) | Maria Sofia Matinhos (PT) | Mario Lopez (ES) | Marta Arsenal (ES) | May Ganan (ES) | Metal Atelier (US) | Mia Kwon (KR) | Monica Romaozinho (PT) | Ni Daodao (CN) | NIIRO jewelry (SI) | Oscar Galea (ES) | Paula Petiz (PT) | Pistol & Peach (ZA) | Rho Tang (US) | Ricardo Fonseca (PT) | Rita Besnyoi (HU) | Rita Martinez (CR) | Roberta Pesci (AR) | Salvador Vico (ES) | Sandrine Vieira (PT) | Sharon Massey (US) | Sofia Talanti (IT) | Tea & Oatcakes (PT) | Telma Oli (PT) | Valeria Rossini (IT) | Vasiliki Sountou (GR) | Zsófia Neuzer (HU)

Tincal lab is a contemporary jewelry work+shop space founded by Portuguese jeweler Ana Pina. Under the motto “curating and experimenting in contemporary jewelry”, they regularly launch collaborations and events that help to promote this amazing creative area, such as workshops with invited jewelers, individual and collective exhibitions, featuring works by local and international artists.

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