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Nuda Vita 2021- The Conference

On the occasion of Munich Jewellery Week 2021, Adornment is pleased to present the second and third chapters of Nuda Vita, which takes place virtually on the main channels of both Adornment and Nuda Vita platforms from March 8 to 14 2021.

The initiative since 2019 explores the value and role of the public, collective and political body, taking as its starting point the expression Nuda Vita, coined by Benjamin and then developed by the philosopher Giorgio Agamben, reworked as an impossible condition, an indescribable concept, and an artistic action.

The third chapter of Nuda Vita develops in a complex historical period, where politics and bio-politics are intertwined and the discourse on the body and its management becomes even more stringent.

More than a new edition, the third chapter is an enrichment and continuation of the second, which had already anticipated many hot topics such as social distancing, the management and control of bodies by governments, isolation, and lack of physical contact etc ...

On March 12th a public conference was held to present the project and introduce the work of the artists. Lieta Marziali and Toktam Nourkeyhani, aka T Like Twinkle, joined the artists in an exciting conversation about bio politics, the performative role of the bodies and on creating dangerously.

Given the relevance of the contributions and the importance of documenting and collecting the inputs from different voices in the sector, we made the conference available and included the proceedings of their interventions in the catalogue, in order to create the basis for a critical discourse to be developed during the evolution of Nuda Vita.



The practice of collective and political body

II and III chapters


Vivien Bedwell, Daria Borovkova, Ana Escobar, Satomi Kawai, Monique Lecouna, Anna Lewis, Nina Lima, Peter Machata, Jana Machatova, Nanna Obel, Margherita Potenza, Lavinia Rossetti, Eva van Kempen, Tanel Veenre, Maria Walker, Snem Yildirim.


Lieta is a jewellery artist and independent writer and researcher. After leaving Italy for the UK at the age of 20, she graduated with a Bachelor's in English Literature in London and pursued diverse careers in publishing, hospitality and archaeology. In a new life chapter and a move to the North Sea coast, she then completed a second Bachelor's degree in Three-Dimensional Design and Craft at Colchester School of Art and a research Master's (MA by Project) at the (formerly Sir John Cass) School of Art, Design and Architecture in London. Her jewellery work has been exhibited and published internationally, and her writings have featured regularly in international publications both in print and online.


Toktam Nourkeyhani is an expert in jewelry design who works as a curator and influencer in Paris. She holds M.As in Contemporary Art Market and French Literature and has worked in the art and culture field for the past 20 years. As the founder and editor of T Like Twinkle, an Instagram based blog dedicated to contemporary jewelry design, Toktam also consults galleries and artists on digital strategy and marketing.

HOW TO VIEW THE EXHIBITION The exhibition is available virtually. The works of the artists will be presented on a video animation made by the talented Asia Flamini. Read full presentation and watch the video HERE. CATALOGUE Order your catalogue on the Adornment Collection SHOP by clicking HERE


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